"I owe pro wrestling. It’s the only reason I’m still alive, and it pisses me off, and it makes me sick, everybody else thinks wrestling owes them something. All the time, me me me, I should be champion, I should be a featured performer, I shouldn’t be paired with this guy in a team, I should get more mic time, I should get this, whatever. I love pro wrestling, and I owe pro wrestling. It doesn’t owe me anything. Because it’s given me the only thing that makes me happy, the only high in this world that makes it worth getting up out of bed every day, and when it hits my bloodstream, and it courses through my veins, and explodes in my heart and the warm feeling coming over my brain, the whole world makes sense. And that’s what I owe pro wrestling." Jon Moxley, HWA


#3 During the commercial break

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He’s far from normal. Don’t let him fool you. Don’t let him trick you.

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Anonymous asked: "Dean Ambrose Is God Dean Likes to prey at night but I know prey makes people better everyday off god Dean Ambrose is the only one knows About God we prey to god everyday before we go to bed and peggy Alderson Likes to prey to everyone that we Love in our Hearts and fore Dean A mbrose he the guy likes to prey fore all off us and Dean Ambrose is God and so is peggy Alderson I Ask Dean Ambrose thank you to share are spirit and mind and body to keep others to keep us save and to Live today"

Fucking hell. Ok then

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These fucking Charlie Hunnam haters coming out of the woodwork, Jesus Christ. Piss off n get a life

Not dean ambrose but relevant

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Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley


Bryan Danielson vs Jon Moxley

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"Thank You Moxley"

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